Global Citizens United

We need a new UN

Neue UNO

We need a "humanity platform" on which we can create together and where our relationships to each other, to the earth and nature become visible and their life-promoting design finds space.

We need a connection of ancient wisdom with the boldness of radical innovation. And it is urgent. 

And: it needs at least 3 generations! Better 4, even better 5. All gender variations, all cultures, your very own contribution, most different abilities and all diversity we can get.

A better world is possible. For this we need a new UN!

Disturb - Connect - Touch - Effectuate

No one is calling for a new UN, no one is arguing or promoting it. On the contrary, there is a resounding silence on the subject. The question suggests itself: Why the hell? What is the noise behind the silence that creates it? This is the question we want to explore, document and share in the project - Disturb


A new humanity forum is a great task, and it needs many of us to face and dedicate ourselves to it, everywhere. To strengthen and encourage each other, to complement, comfort and challenge each other. In this project, we want to network and connect with a variety of initiatives and organizations around the world that are pursuing the same vision: Global Citizens United - Connect


A new humanity forum must be able to facilitate a shared understanding of what is at stake for all of us. A touch, guided by more than short-term interests, of what we face - and those who will have to stand on our shoulders - if we do not respond now. Global, local and smart - Touch


Our dear old UN was (and is) designed to prevent world wars from happening: peacekeeping. After all, it has managed that so far, even if sometimes only just, and not for all of us. We thank all those who have helped to ensure that, at least in the old Europe, three generations will grow up in peace. The new UN must be focused on ending our world war against the earth: Securing Life. Never before have our possibilities as citizens of the earth been so great. Therefore, the new UN should not be a confederation of states, but a confederation of people - Effectuate

Our Global Metaethics

Nonhuman Rights Project

The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to securing rights for nonhuman animals.


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Charter for Compassion

 Their mission is to promote and cultivate the principle of compassion and the compassionate way of life
cultivate, so that compassion characterizes all human society and all
and characterizes all relationships.


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The Elders

The Elders are an independent group of global leaders founded by Nelson Mandela who work together for peace, justice and human rights.


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Dark Mountain Project

A conversation, a manifesto, beautiful books, a meeting place, collaborations, a bridge between worlds, a laboratory of love


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Soka Gakkai 

The Soka Gakkai is a Buddhist association that promotes peace, culture and education. Its approximately 12 million members worldwide practice Nichiren Buddhism and are affiliated with the United Nations.


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Four Worlds Institute 

16 indigenous guiding principles for co-creating a sustainable, harmonious and prosperous world


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In 'The sacred cows and the wolves of change' Rainer and Elke wrote almost 15 years ago: "The struggle for access to natural resources is becoming more and more hectic. The disputes over ownership and exploitation of all natural resources are militarizing. The global balance of power is shifting based on this ownership. Tensions between cultures are increasing, and old conflicts seem intractable. And all this against the 'backdrop' of depleting resources (even sand is running out!), contamination of the elements, species extinction, global warming. It is perfectly clear that we are horribly guilty of all creation, including ourselves, if we continue as we are. One of the most endangered species, by the way, is human culture itself: Ninety percent of all languages are expected to die out this century, which means ninety percent of all cultures, which means ninety percent of the ways of being human.

Of course, no single country can solve these enormous, self-created problems, if they can be 'solved' at all. But we also can no longer hide behind the fact that we are just doing what everyone else is doing, and that others will not stop just because we are doing it. There is no hiding from the facts of this change. The earth does not know countries, nature does not distinguish national interests. So a response to this catastrophe is either a united one, an international one, a human one, or it is no response.

What we need in the current transformational crisis of humanity (and of life on Earth) is a meta-culture, a culture of cultures, a renewed humanity constitution that facilitates and coordinates how we respond creatively (not backwards) together and respectively to these epochal challenges.

And we need a globally effective organization that is

  •     is committed to the integrity of creation - that which must be sacred to us all
  •     finally represents the multipolar rank and power weights of the new world adequately
  •     understands and enforces women's rights as human rights
  •     translates the values of this post-industrial, post-exploitative meta-culture into concerted global action or supports their implementation regionally.

The 'United Nations' we have now, and especially the all-important 'Security Council', still reflects the conditions after the end of the last world war and before the beginning of the Cold War, and many ethnicities, countries and populations are not represented.


That was in 2007 CE, almost 15 years ago.

In 2021 we realize:

Indeed, this outdated and very imperfect world order is disintegrating, the supranational organizations are being sabotaged, disempowered or even abolished (for example, by termination of funding).

The UN is still the only one we have, and certainly better than none at all. But even this very modest opinion is not shared by everyone anymore: Everywhere in the world there are growing calls for "us first, we don't care about the rest" - without specifying who exactly this "us" actually is. Certainly not the rest of us, and certainly not the rest of creation. So:

We need a new UN. Very urgently.

And it gets even better, or worse: Since the beginning of March 2020 our dear humanity is confronted with the pandemic CV-19. Within a few weeks all our lifestyles worldwide have been questioned, we become victims of our own doing - while the rest of creation, as far as it has survived our economies so far, seems to be okay. The first UN was a response to the global catastrophe WW II. Is the tiny Corona virus the third world war it will take to connect all our better sides?

In any case, our global cooperation is quite urgently needed. It is being hindered by self-centered, puerile potentates who think they can get away with cooking their soup for themselves and their backers. And therefore again, with emphasis, in E-flat major:

We need a new UN. Very urgently.


Let's start a movement! Global Citizens United.

And we are not alone, of course. We have the help of luminaries:

Global Covenant of Mayors 

Cities and partners committed to the Global Mayors' Alliance for Climate and Energy share a long-term vision to combat climate change. Together, they are working toward a low-emission and climate-resilient future.

Be the Change Stiftung

Be the Change are committed to change in our society. They want to bring people together, support and inspire them to realize an ecologically sustainable, socially just and meaningful life for all of us.


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Global Parliament of Mayors

A global mayors' parliament to facilitate debates among mayors, national governments, and international organizations to advance systematic action to address global and national challenges and opportunities for policy change at the global level.


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C40 Cities

Around the world, C40 cities are taking bold climate action and leading the way to a healthier and more sustainable future.


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Transform the UN

CGS has partnered with organizations around the world to push for significant change on the occasion of the United Nations' 75th anniversary.


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UN Knowledge Platform

From transition to transformation - The report is one of the first attempts to take a sustained look at sustainable development in the pan-European region.


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The German United Nations Association provides information and analysis on the work of the United Nations, enables its members to get involved and gives impulses for an active UN policy.


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Scientists for Future

S4F is a non-partisan and non-institutional coalition of scientists* from all disciplines who are publicly and proactively raising their voices in the face of the historically unprecedented global climate, biodiversity and sustainability crisis.


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Fridays For Future

The climate crisis is a real threat to human civilization - addressing the climate crisis is the main task of the 21st century.
FFF call for policies that meet this task.


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extinction rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (XR) uses peaceful disobedience to draw attention to the threat of climate collapse and massive species extinction.


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UN Event

Accelerating the Transformation to Achieve the 2030 Agenda: Nature-Based Solutions for People and Planet


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Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on issues of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural development.


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UN Women

UN Women advocates for gender equality around the world and works to develop and maintain standards and create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise her human rights and realize her full potential.


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